Living In a Light Buzz


That’s how I like to live. In a light buzz of quiet happiness, like a soft spring breeze with the sun shining through it. Just think of that first ray of sunlight that warms your skin. Or the dappled light through the leaves of the trees, so beautiful it gives you goosebumps as you walk through the woods. Relive those moments where the past, present and future came together, in a spot where you forgot about time while making love on a picnic blanket.

What would life be without love?

And by love I don’t just mean that exclusive love for one person but also that much more encompassing love of life, of others, of whatever happens to cross your path. To be in a state where you’re receptive, open, awake, with all your senses alert. You see, feel, smell and hear what surrounds you, using your eyes, skin, nose and ears… rather than living inside that head where you’re busy making plans, thinking, worrying…

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It takes Imagination to live in a Light Buzz

Your imagination can transport you to the worlds behind this visible one. Imagination provides depth, height and distance, and adds color to seemingly mundane things. A tree is just a tree, yet your imagination makes you wonder how old it is. Maybe 200 years? Perhaps it has lived through wars, seen lovers secretly meet under its branches, provided shelter to generations of children playing hide-and-seek… A star-filled sky might seem just that… But it could also be the very same sky the love of your life is gazing at, 500 miles away, giving you the feeling you’re still together despite the physical distance. Sometimes I find myself juggling so many duties that I have to keep putting things off. I notice I’m playing catch-up, continually worrying about what I ought to be doing. When I’m in that state of mind, the buzz is long gone. That’s because the buzz, that blissful state, requires peace, quiet and space to drift off, to reduce the hectic pace of living. It also requires me not to sit at my desk all day. Especially now, in springtime, I love to start the day in the woods. I set out early, when the sun’s just come up and the fields are still misty and sleepy. That requires a bit of discipline. Not the discipline to finally finish all that work hanging over my head, but the discipline to get out of bed and go into the woods. To plan leisure time and safeguard it!