Benedictime, a classic way of time management


Taking control of your life requires you to develop discipline. You will need to decide on your priorities and stay true to them in everyday life. You will have to keep yourself on track. This will be hard and you won’t succeed all of the time, but the good news is: this is a rule for ‘beginners’. It recognizes that everyone has weak moments, times when you do not feel up to the tasks you set for yourself. But there is always a new day, a new morning. You can start over again.

Benedictime provides quotes, texts, questions for self-reflection, music, videos and moral support to help you make the switch to a more balanced life.



Good luck, bad luck, unpredictability

In some phases of life, things just go your way. Fate seems to smile on you. You have good luck. You apply

An Appeal for Openness

‘Openness’ is a wonderful word. It’s a word with no bias, denoting ‘innocence,’ ‘freedom’ and even a kind of goodness and lightheartedness.

Tips and Advice

…“You just have to let it go!”… …“I know someone, she had the same problems and she went to x and y.

Living In a Light Buzz

That’s how I like to live. In a light buzz of quiet happiness, like a soft spring breeze with the sun shining